The UAE national day 2023 things to do during the long weekend

Published on 2023-11-30


UAE National Day is a momentous occasion that marks the unity of the seven emirates and the formation of the United Arab Emirates on December 2nd, 1971. There will be a long weekend off for the whole of UAE on December 2nd (Saturday) in celebration of the 52nd UAE National Day. To make the most of the national day celebrations and these holidays, it is important to plan ahead and budget for activities without breaking the bank. Here is a guide for what to do on UAE National Day.


Enjoy the National Day fireworks 

Watch colorful fireworks light up Dubai's night sky as the day ends. Visit iconic landmarks like Bluewaters Island, the Pointe, Atlantis the Palm, and Burj Al Arab for a closer view of the pyrotechnics. Don't miss the captivating LED displays of the Burj Khalifa during the National Day celebrations on December 1 and 2. Enjoy the Dubai Fountain Show next to the Burj Khalifa, featuring choreographed water dancing to the UAE national anthem and other tunes. Suitable for all ages and free to watch.


Visit the Global Village 

Global Village, a cultural extravaganza on the outskirts of Dubai, comes alive with color and sound on UAE National Day. From Emirati performances to global showcases, the event reveals the UAE's multicultural society. On UAE National Day, Global Village offers a gastronomic journey with international pavilions showcasing a variety of cuisines. The entertainment lineup includes live music, dance shows, and fireworks. This family-friendly event caters to visitors of all ages.


Explore the UAE’s culture in Dubai 

Learning more about Arabian culture is one of the best ways to celebrate UAE National Day, which marks the unity of the seven Emirates. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the UAE by visiting exhibitions that showcase traditional art, crafts, and historical artifacts. Many cultural centers and museums organize informative displays that provide insights into the diverse history of the nation. Famous artists in Dubai host exhibitions across the city to display their works of art on UAE National Day each year. Visit Hunar Gallery and Tashkeel Art Studio, two famous galleries and studios in Dubai, to experience their artwork. Ever wonder how Dubai grew to be the jewel that it is today? The Al Shindagha Museum, which is close to Dubai Creek, provides comprehensive information on the remarkable past of this magnificent city.A unique multimedia experience is used to accomplish this.The highlight of the museum is a video titled Dubai Creek: Birth of a City, which documents the growth of Dubai since the union's founding in 1971.


Taste Arabian Desert Life

Tour Dubai not only offers a unique desert experience, but also allows guests to engage in desert activities such as falcon interaction,camel riding and get a henna design made from crushed henna tree leaves, which is known as a famous cultural practice. At the Sahara Desert Fortress,a luxurious yet magical experience,embracing the rich culture and history of the UAE!

Caravanserai camp, an authentic and unique experience built with traditional architecture paired with modern comfort defining a true depiction of the culture of the Bedouin.


Embark on a sightseeing cruise 

Celebrate UAE National Day in style with family and friends aboard the Black Pearl Sightseeing Cruise at Dubai Creek Harbor. Sail through the iconic waterways of Dubai on the only pirate boat in the UAE. Enjoy breathtaking views, festive vibes, and create unforgettable memories against the stunning backdrop of the city's skyline. A day of joy, laughter, and unique experiences awaits – come join us in making this National Day truly special! Remember to keep an eye out for the promotional code on the Tour Dubai website for the national day offers


Enjoy a traditional Emirati Dishes 

Savoring traditional Emirati dishes on UAE National Day is more than a culinary experience; it’s a journey into the heart of a vibrant culture. Arabic food is flavorful and vibrant, and you can find plenty of cafés and restaurants in Dubai that serve authentic Emirati cuisine. UAE National Day is a perfect time to have a traditional Arabic feast. In Dubai, some of the best  spots to taste Emirati cuisine include Aseelah, Logma, Al Fanar, Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant, and several others. 



National Day is a time to come together, express pride in your nation, and enjoy a day filled with meaningful activities. Whether you prefer cultural exploration, outdoor adventures, or water activities, there are countless ways to make this day special. Enjoy the National Day holidays in Dubai by choosing from this list of things to do, be sure to plan ahead and experience the unmatched excitement that the UAE National Day has to offer.


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