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dubai guided cruises

The Tour Dubai Guided Cruises are a great way for visitors to experience all the amazing things that Dubai has to offer, in a relatively short timeframe. A unique concept from Tour Dubai, we offer guests two main guided tours: The Creek Guided Tour and The Marina Sightseeing Tour. Each tour has its own special charm and offers a different experience, but both guarantee an unforgettable experience of Dubai sightseeing

The Dubai Creek cruise passes alongside the important central districts of Deira and Bur Dubai. The Creek sightseeing tour puts guests in a great position to admire the city and see its countless iconic landmarks. The Marina Sightseeing Tour also gives you the opportunity to see some stunning views of the city and provides many excellent photo opportunities.

Our brilliant tour guides always ensure that everybody onboard stays entertained and learns all about our fascinating city. We even provide commentaries in English, filled with captivating facts about the sights and history of Dubai.

Tour Dubai has been running guided cruises Dubai for many years, during which time thousands of visitors have got to know the city a little better and made some long-lasting memories. Both Dubai Guided Cruises are approximately one hour long and run eight times a day, 365 days a year. The perfect way to tour Dubai if you’re tight on time.

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  • Creek Sightseeing Tour

    The Creek is the very heart and soul of Dubai. Historically, the creek divides the city into two main areas - Deira and Bur Dubai and it were​ along the Bur Dubai creek area that members of the Bani Yas tribe first settled in the 19th century...

    AED 50.00 per person 1 Hour
  • Marina Sightseeing Tour

    The Dubai Marina is a major tourist attraction in Dubai. How about taking part in one of our tours of the marina! The Dubai Marina Daily Sightseeing Tour is an hour-long tour on one of our traditional wooden dhow boats. You’ll have the chance to see the area surrounding the Dubai Marina popularly called as the Canal City, one of the best development projects in the city...

    AED 65.00 per person 1 Hour