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caravan safari

Caravan Safari

Learn about a fascinating part of regional history and see the stunning desert setting firsthand, with our incredible catered Dubai Caravan Safari.

For many hundreds of years, caravans were used to follow set trade routes throughout the region. These routes formed the foundation of empires and helped to spread culture, wealth and influence far and wide. As the journeys could take weeks or even months, small settlements, known as ‘Caravanserai’ were established strategically throughout the harsh desert landscape for traders to rest, trade and recuperate for the long trip ahead.

Now, Tour Dubai’s guests have the unique opportunity to see our stunningly recreated Caravanserai with a modern luxury twist, in an authentic desert setting. Our Caravanserai is located between Dubai and Al Ain, and we offer pickup from your hotel with some Dubai style dune bashing along the way.

Upon entry to the Caravanserai, you’ll be greeted with the traditional Bedouin coffee and dates, and from here on you’ll be transported back to a simpler time. Our guests will be able to enjoy various different entertainment acts, many of which are traditional to the region, such as belly dancing, Tanura dancing and a daring fire show. Sit down to a mouth-watering luxury banquet and enjoy the entertainment.

Book caravan safari with Tour Dubai to experience an authentic Arabic night of food and entertainment.

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Without Transfer: AED 280 + 5% VAT Per Adult Per Child, AED 225 + 5% VAT
Timings: 9AM