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about us

Who We Are?

Originally established in 1989, we are one of the oldest tour operators of our kind in the UAE and have built up decades of experience. We want to create lifelong memories of Dubai and the surrounding area for each and every guest and have successfully achieved this for thousands of satisfied visitors over the years, including many famous celebrities, musicians and sportspeople.

Having been in the business for so long, we were the first company in Dubai to offer dhow boat cruises. Dhow boats are masterfully handcrafted wooden boats, traditionally used throughout the Arab world for hundreds of years for trading and transport. With dhow cruise building now a dying art, you can see this amazing creation of history firsthand on one of our cruises.

Among the best dhow cruises in Dubai, we run a fleet of eight beautiful dhow boats covering different areas of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Each of these have been luxuriously decorated, allowing us to provide the best sightseeing experiences in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have to offer.

Besides our core business of dhow boat tours, we have expanded over the years to offer several luxury desert safari Dubai tours. These tours give guests the opportunity to get out into the vast deserts that make up much of the UAE and learn all about the history of Bedouin traders. Try out thrilling adventure activities like dune buggy rides and camel rides. Enjoy 5 star dinner buffet under the stars with live entertainment shows of traditional fire throwing, belly dancing & Tanura dancing.

We also now offer city tours across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as well as tickets to popular attractions that include Dubai’s world-class theme parks, museums and gardens. A perfect vacation for the whole family.

Choose Tour Dubai to make memories that will last a lifetime.