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new year's eve specials

Celebrate New Year’s Eve With Tour Dubai’s Special NYE Dinner Cruises.

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  • NYE Canal Dinner Cruise

    Welcome New Year 2019 with Tour Dubai's special Canal Cruise. Join us on 31st December for a new year's eve blast!

    AED 950.00 per person 2 Hour
  • NYE Creek Dinner Cruise – 4 Star

    Enjoy a lovely dinner cruise on the Dubai Creek with Tour Dubai’s Daily Dinner Cruise. You’ll truly have an amazing dining experience as you coast along this popular waterway through Dubai.

    AED 700.00 per person 2 Hour
  • NYE Creek Dinner Cruise – 5 Star

    What could be a more memorable experience than cruising along the Dubai Creek, enjoying a dinner on the water with the City lights in the backdrop...

    AED 950.00 per person 2 Hour
  • NYE Marina Dinner Cruise

    You haven’t really experienced Dubai until you’ve taken one of our amazing dinner cruises. Our 5-Star Dhow Dinner cruise is our most popular tour among our customers; it’s the perfect recipe for a memorable experience in Dubai...

    AED 1,200.00 per person 2 Hour
  • NYE Sahara Royal Safari

    You can’t visit Dubai without making a trip to the desert. A desert excursion in Dubai is perhaps one of the most popular activity for tourists. With our Royal Safari and Dinner, you’ll have one of the most memorable experiences ever in your trip to Dubai.

    AED 1,100.00 per person 8 Hour
  • NYE Sahara Royal Dinner

    Royal Dinner is an exclusive concept which has been transformed into an Arabian Night Adventure and Reality. It is a one of a kind Desert Fortress located in the Dubai Heritage Vision, encapsulated in 37 million square feet...

    AED 900.00 per person 4 Hour