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Learn about the fascinating history of the Arabian caravanserai, and experience an incredible Dubai caravan dinner, with our caravanserai tour.

Caravans are groups of people traveling from one place to another and were used for many hundreds of years in the Arab world for transport and trade across large distances in desert regions. They were vital in the building of civilizations and wealth all over the Arab world, and their iconic image endures to this day.

A vital part of caravan-based trade was the caravanserai – small settlements built in the desert to act as resting stops for traders and travelers passing along the established trade routes. These settlements meant that people could travel greater distances and trade more freely.

Tour Dubai offers guests an amazing chance to visit our very own Dubai desert caravanserai, created with a flair of modern luxury so you can learn about the history of the region while enjoying full Emirati hospitality.

Travel with us from your hotel out into the desert area a short distance from the city and experience our caravanserai for yourself. We offer an evening of traditional entertainment, such as a belly dancing show, a fire show and Tanura dancing. To top off your night, we’ll also provide a fabulous 5 star banquet dinner for you to enjoy while taking in the atmosphere.

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Without Transfer: AED 200 + 5% VAT Per Adult Per Child, AED 160 + 5% VAT
Timings: 7 PM