Residents- Royal Desert Dinner


  • Visit the only luxury fortress camp for a buffet-style dinner, BBQ, and traditional live entertainment.
  • Experience the desert activities including falcon interaction, horse ride, camel ride, and more.
  • Watch the sunset over the desert and experience true Arabian hospitality.

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Other things you should know

The name Sahara comes from an Arabic word meaning 'desert' .The Sahara Desert is a vast and diverse place, with many opportunities for adventure. The Sahara Desert is a vast expanse of dunes and canyons. It is one of the most enchanting and breathtakingly beautiful. Experience the raw beauty of the natural world in the expansive desert. Watch the sunrise and sunset from the top of a sand dune. On the tour, you will get to experience some of the most spectacular views of the desert. Savor a luxury 5-star buffet dinner in the only luxury fortress camp in UAE. The architecture and designs at Sahara are truly captivating. Experience a mystical luxury camp where the most beautiful things happen!

Voted TripAdvisor best safari tour 2022

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