How hot does Dubai get in the summer

Published on 2022-08-16

Weather in Dubai 

Dubai gets hot in the summer. Not regular hot, but genuinely scorching hot. We're talking about temperatures exceeding 40 °C or even 50 °C and humidity as high as 90% from June to September. But is it still worth planning a vacation, or perhaps a longer holiday over the hot summer months in Dubai?

Yes, it's going to be hot, but that doesn't mean you can't have a good time. The city was designed to withstand extreme temperatures.  Dubai during the summertime may not be as unbearable as you think. Let's find out! 


How to beat the heat in Dubai's summer 

Tourists in Dubai do not have to worry about the summer heat as much as they might think. Almost everywhere in Dubai is airconditioned, even to the point of being too cold. For instance, arriving at an air-conditioned airport, traveling in an air-conditioned car or Metro, bus stops are air-conditioned, malls are very well airconditioned, and then checking into an air-conditioned hotel.  While visiting during summer, a few must-haves include 

  • Sunglasses

  • Hats

  • sunscreen.

Remember to always have water with you at all times to avoid dehydration. 


Dressing for the heat in Dubai 

We have all heard through the grapevine that Dubai is reputed to be pretty strict. However, how strict is it exactly? and how does that strictness affect our travel wardrobe? While holidaying in the United Arab Emirates during the summer it is important to choose your outfits carefully, ensuring you keep cool and respect the culture. To learn more about the Dubai dress code, you can read our guide on how to dress in DubaiTo combat the effects of heat, wear loose, comfortable clothing made of light and bright fabrics. For example, maxi skirts, gowns, dresses, t-shirts, and comfortable sandals. Finally, don't forget to bring your swimwear so you can cool off at the beach or in a hotel pool.  The men are not left out! The rule is quite liberal for men, they can wear shorts, jeans, trousers, a v-neck t-shirt, or a buttoned shirt. Importantly, wear appropriate clothing since summertime also falls during Ramadan.


Things to do in the summer 

Some popular tourist attractions in Dubai may also close during Dubai summer. For example, Dubai Miracle Garden closes in the summer and other places such as the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain are often briefly closed for maintenance during this time. Make sure to check attractions opening hours before the visit. Even though few outdoor activities might be closed there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in Dubai over the summer months. Visit the city beaches for a day of swimming, dinner cruises, sightseeing cruises, city tours, and desert safari. Most tourists who visit Dubai in the summer question if they can still go on a desert safari. They don't realize that the desert is so much cooler in the late afternoons and evenings. This means that taking a Desert Safari in Dubai during the summer is undoubtedly possible. Delight in our 4x4 closed air-conditioned Land Cruiser as you explore the desert. We at Tour Dubai are excited for you to join us on our desert safaris during the summer.


In summary, go ahead and book your holiday in Dubai and enjoy the hot climate and summer weather. Don't forget to pack your essentials.


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