Desert Safari Dubai An Extraordinary Experience

Published on 2022-03-01

Desert Safari Dubai - An Extraordinary Experience

Dubai's desert is a part of an unspoiled area where the old-world charm remains intact and is beautifully preserved. This special area of the country is an integral part of the rich culture, heritage, traditions, and history of the Emirates. A desert safari is the best way to experience its endless beauty and tranquility. Continue reading to find out more about this off-road adventure, which promises a refreshing escape from the modern Dubai traffic.


Desert safaris: Types


Morning desert safari

Morning desert safari

Who doesn't love a sunrise? They are beautiful in the Middle East. This is a great way to enjoy the desert's stunning morning views, and have a lot of adventure. You can go quad-biking, camelback riding, or dune-bashing. You can experience the sunrise desert safari to see the light on the vast, rolling sand dunes.


Evening desert safari


Evening desert safaris offer the same activities as the morning but include a full barbecue meal, cultural experiences such as henna and falconry shows and smoking a shisha. Traditional Emirati cultural shows like Arabian belly dancers or tanoura dancing performances are also included. You'll enjoy all this while taking in the breathtaking desert atmosphere and the golden orange-pink-golden sunset.


Dinner in the desert


This option allows you to enjoy the pure beauty of Dubai's desert without having to worry about the adrenaline-pumping adventure activities that are part of a regular desert safari. This option allows you to enjoy a delicious barbecue dinner in the middle of the desert, as well as a variety of activities that evoke the region's ancient Bedouin culture.



What's a desert safari like?


Desert safaris are a wonderful combination of adventurous activities, authentic cultural experiences and mouth-watering culinary delights. You can expect the following, depending on your desert safari selection.


Dune bashing


This is the best part of a desert safari. A powerful 4x4 vehicle such as a Land Cruiser will take you over the dunes and along the trails. As you drive across the golden sands at high speeds, you'll feel an adrenaline rush. The typical dune-bashing session lasts 30 to 45 minutes. Notice: Dune basking can be very stomach-turning or anxiety-inducing. So prepare for an exciting ride!


Camel rides


You can also ride a camel to marvel at the desert wilderness. This thrilling, but wobbly ride allows you to see how ancient Bedouins and early settlers traversed the Arabian Desert.


Quad biking and sandboarding


You can explore Dubai's desert sands in a more thrilling way by riding a quad bike. This is a great choice for first-timers and beginners. You must be at least 16 years of age and not have any medical conditions that would prevent you from engaging in this adventurous activity.


Sandboarding is another option. You can test your balance while you glide down the huge sand dunes. You can do this by securing your feet to a sturdy sandboard, and letting the sands guide your way.


Visit a Bedouin camp


Enjoy the Emirati hospitality in a relaxed setting with low-lying seating. You might find yourself sitting down for quite some time while you eat your delicious barbecue meal.


Cultural experiences


Every desert safari offers a variety of cultural experiences. The list includes shisha smoking and henna tattooing, as well as falconry and photos in traditional Arabian clothing. It offers a glimpse into Bedouin history.


Traditional barbecue dinner


You can expect a feast on overnight and evening desert safaris. The quality of your service provider will determine what you get for dinner. However, whatever you get, it will fill you up!


Local entertainment


Evening desert safaris are alive with the excitement of spectacular fire shows, incredible belly dance performances and dizzyingly intricate Tanoura shows. You should take it all in and relax. They are very entertaining!


How do you choose the right desert safari?


You should consider several factors before you book a desert safari. These include your budget, what you want included and when you wish to visit the desert.


If you have limited time, a morning safari is a good option. Dinner desert safaris are best for visitors seeking adventure and enjoying the thrills.


Desert safaris can be very expensive. Rates are determined by the safari's adventure activities and the vehicle you choose, as well as extras such as private or shared ride transfers between the desert and your hotel.


Make sure you choose a reliable service provider to take you on your desert adventure. 


Best desert safari tips

  • Book your safari in advance. You can also find special discounts online.


  •  Ask for details before you buy a package of desert safaris.


  •  Make sure you choose a guided desert safari with round-trip transfers so that your trip is enjoyable and safe.


  •  Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes are best. You should have something to cover your shoulders and a wrap. Add a pair of comfortable sneakers, sunglasses and a hat to complete your look.


  •  Layer up if you are planning to visit winter months. Evenings can be very cold!


  •  If you are a vegetarian or vegan, check that the menu includes non-vegetarian options.


What are you still waiting for?


It's time to plan your Dubai desert safari! You will have a memorable experience in the Arabian Desert. This will be a unique escape packed with unforgettable moments. This is a must-do activity in Dubai.

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