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While taking on a splendid journey of exotic experience along the Creek area, you shall come across the enchanting beauty of this historical place. The cruise sails through the silent waters taking you around the bustling and lively region. One shall be able to view the Bur area and the fantastic Diera area which attracts so many tourists all over the world. The cruising experience can be cherished thoroughly.

While exploring the beautiful Dubai Creek

The Creek is a long stretch of salt water which ends at the point of a wildlife sanctuary named Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary is a major tourist attraction which is rich in both flora and fauna. Some of the stories state that this area used to stretch till a far off island called Al Ain. The city is divided into two major regions such as the Bur Dubai and Diera. To have the best experience, one is recommended to opt for the Dhow Cruise that shall help one sail through the entire stretch and explore the vast unknown.


The warm waters are rich in marine life which is attracts the travelers while on the cruise. Therefore fishing is one of the indulgences in which the tourists can try their hands on. The large variety of marine life shall keep one enthralled for the rest of the journey. The best time is the night time for enjoying the splendid view of the entire region.

Some companies conduct tours around this region like the tour-Dubai-Dubai creek, ensuring that the tourists have the best experience on the voyage. They provide luxurious arrangements like cruise dinner parties which get lively with music and dance. The complementary services and offers are some of the added elements that are provided to the tourists during their stay.

The reasons for the crew being a major attraction

The Dubai creek is a major attraction and tourists must ensure to not miss the sight-seeing opportunities of the Crew area. The one hour trip arranged by the companies for the tourists shall be the best aspect of the whole journey. The tourists get an opportunity to witness the Dhow area involved in an activity such as the loading and unloading of the cargos at the spot.


Another reason that attracts the tourists for this crew area is the abundant marine life. The water taxis are very cheap, which makes them one of the favorite options for traveling by both local people as well as foreigner tourists. The luxurious cruise involves the visitors into some entertainment and makes the entire crew area come alive. The journey through the calm waters is one of the best experiences a traveler can witness.

The journey remains incomplete without tasting the exquisite cuisine and delicacies of the region. The tourists get an opportunity to taste the mouthwatering delicacies while they are on the cruise attending the dinner buffets. The meals are accompanied by non-alcoholic drinks and other beverages that helps one relax and enjoy the view of the whole creek at night.


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