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Gone are the days when Dubai or any other Middle Eastern city was not considered as a tourist spot. The government of the city had taken many initiatives to promote it as a flourishing tourist attraction. Now a day, you will hardly find a travel lover who has not taken or planned a trip to this city of sands. Thus, it is only appropriate that people will have an inclination towards gathering more information on the place.

Planning a trip

It is very important to plan the trip well before embarking on it. If you want to visit the Dubai Marina, then you need to know about it first. This place is one of the districts of the city that was artificially constructed. This is a canal city and is located on the costs of the Persian Gulf. The area was not so developed, but later on, the government understood the potential of the place to draw international tourists.

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Things which attract people

If you are new in this area, then make sure you opt for a guided tour around the district. This is to ensure that you are not missing out on any of the important landmarks. There are many agencies, which will offer you their expertise but opting for the best is always a smart move. One look at the Dubai Marina page will clear all your doubts. The following are some of the places that you must not miss out:

  1. A shopper’s paradise

If you are in the area make sure that you visit the Marina Mall. Shopping in this mall is nothing short of a delight. You will get to shop at the outlets of all national and international brands. From perfumes to clothes, from accessories to bags, from gold jewelry to food items, you will get everything under one roof. Make sure that you have some time at hand as this is a huge mall.

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  1. A walk to remember

The pedestrian trail that is 7 kilometers in length, will give you the view of the entire district. This is known as the Marina Walk. Many live performances, like belly dance and musical programs are arranged on the side of the walk. This is a major attraction for the locals as well as the international tourists.

  1. Tasting the flavors

One of the primary attractions of the tourists is to taste the food of the region. Thus, many big, as well as small restaurants have cropped up in the region. These serve authentic Middle Eastern cuisines to the tourists. The food is high on quality as they are used satisfy the taste buds of international tourists.   


These are some of the important reasons why the percentage of tourists, visiting the place has increased by leaps and bounces. This is the perfect time to log on to the internet and book a trip to the district. You will be able to create memories with your family members, which will remain evergreen for the entire life.