Falcon Show

The Shaheen- the national bird of the UAE, is a powerful yet solitary bird that is a symbol of force and courage, recognizing the importance of falconry in Arab tradition and culture. Falcons are fast flying hunters suited for taking prey in the air. They are known for their super fast flying speeds and the Shaheen falcon is recorded as the fastest flying bird as well as fastest moving creature on earth with a diving speed of 322km/hr. This bird has been a part of Arabic culture since centuries, the tour Dubai Sahara Experience provides a powerful yet magnificent presentation of manoeuvres for tourists and guests by Arab Falconers.

This fascinating show is created to educate and demonstrate the strong connection between the Shaheen Falcons and its significance and necessity in the Arabian Culture and History. It will bring you close to a very popular custom among the male population of UAE – the training of falcon for hunting purposes.

The falcon journey continues with witnessing falcon training. The local trainer will show you all the necessary steps to transform a young falcon into a professional hunting falcon. Younger falcons at first kept on a leash until the trainer is sure that they will not fly away when released and more experienced falcons are immediately set free for the training in order to catch the prey out of a free fall. Hunting falcons are an expensive sort of sport and the more valuable ones are therefore equipped with a GPS tracking system on their feet in order to find them in case they have flown away. It is a spectacular show which will take your breath away. .

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